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Theproven tutorials are culled from real-world experience and refinedto give you the ultimate in practical skills. You'll learn workflowtips and tricks, the construction of custom shading networks, andthe application of time-saving tools that bring your project fromconcept to reality.

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The companion website features severalgigabytes of Maya scene files, texture bitmaps, and QuickTimemovies that support the exercises in the book, giving youeverything you need to advance your animation skillset. This book helps you take your rendering skills to the next levelwith the advanced tools and techniques that take animation fromgood to great. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar. Tapping into Construction History Nodes 7.

Redirecting the Initial Shading Group Node 7. Connecting Multiple Materials in One Network 7. Using the Studio Clear Coat Utility 7. Harnessing the Power of Math Utilities 8. Math Utilities 8. Reversing Input 8.

Multiplying and Dividing 8. Adding, Subtracting, and Averaging Values 8. Using Expressions 8. Changing the Range of a Value 8. Mapping Per-Particle Attributes 8. Working with Vectors and Matrices 8. Understanding Vector Math 8. Using the Vector Product Utility 8. An Overview of Maya Matrices 8.

Advanced Maya texturing and lighting

Converting Camera Space to World Space 8. Testing a Condition 8. Switching Outputs 8. Using Esoteric Utilities and Scene Nodes 8. Stenciling Color 8. Applying Optical FX 8. Converting Units 8.

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Understanding Scene Nodes 8. Preparing UV Texture Space 9. Adjusting Parameterization 9. Avoiding Texture Stretch 9. Preparing Polygons 9. Pelt Mapping 9. Applying UV Mappings 9. Refining UV Points 9. Manipulating Points 9. Normalizing UVs 9.

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Relaxing UVs 9. Laying Out UVs 9. Creating UV Sets 9. A Note on Subdivision Surfaces 9. Using the 3D Paint Tool 9.

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  • The Basic Workflow 9. Roughing in a Texture 9. PSD Support 9.

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    Bump and Displacement Mapping 9. Bump Mapping 9. Displacement Mapping 9. The Height Field Utility 9. Custom Sliders 9.

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    Prepping for Successful Renders Determining Critical Project Settings Deciphering Aspect Ratios Switching between Square and Nonsquare Pixels Selecting a Film Back Displaying Gates Selecting a Focal Length Selecting Frame Rates and Interlacing A Note on Frame Rate Conversion Mastering the Render Settings Window Prepping Maya Software Renders Prepping Maya Hardware Renders Prepping Maya Vector Renders Rendering with the Command Line Organizing the Render Cleaning Up Recovering Lost Bitmaps Selecting Image Formats and Render Resolutions Differentiating Image Formats A Note on Bit Color Space Changing Compression Settings Oversized Rendering Creating Depth of Field Applying Motion Blur Step-by-Step: Splitting Up a Render Raytracing with Maya Software and mental ray Maya Software vs.

    Raytracing with Maya Software Comparing the Scanline and Raytracing Processes Setting Up a Raytrace Creating Reflections Managing Refractions and Aberrations Raytracing with mental ray Mastering mental ray Quality Settings Using mental ray Motion Blur Controlling mental ray Shadows Creating Reflections and Refractions with mental ray Reproducing Water Water as a Liquid Creating Water Droplets Creating Turbulent Water Water as a Solid Reproducing Glass Creating Glass with Maya Software