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Paul Duggan, Salem, Massachusetts. While I have to say Psycho is a true cinema classic and really stands the test of time, I have to mention Michael Powell's Peeping Tom, released in May , it dealt with all the subjects detailed in the article on Psycho, only in more detail and more substance, from the scene in a seedy room with soft porn models, one of whom can only be photographed from one side because of a terrible scar on one side of her face, to the actual "psycho" of the piece filming his victims as they die a horrible death. In all honesty the film is a much better affair then Psycho, poor Michael Powell who was an innovative and brilliant film maker was ruined by this picture as the critics and censors did everything but publicly flog him because of it, a short three months later Psycho is released to great public acclaim and is now hailed as a classic of the genre.

Before you watch Psycho again, and lets face it most people have seen it at least once, try a viewing of Peeping Tom, you might be pleasantly surprised, and both directors were English, makes you wonder where they get their ideas from. The Wolfman, London.

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I had the pleasure of viewing Psycho when I was teenager. Personal terror ensued. Couldn't take a shower for months afterward. To this day I am affected by Hitchcock's work.

I have clear shower glass. I'll never forget the first time I saw this film in the cinema in the late 60's as a teenager with a group of friends at the Ionic cinema, Golders Green in London, sadly now a Sainsbury's supermarket! Psycho was a truly terrifying experience at the time, claustrophobic and spooky. You knew you were about to see something scary but nothing prepared you for the impact of the shower scene and the ending.

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It's a wonderful and unforgettable feeling when around people all scream at the same time. Good for the heart or a heart attack, you decide! Roger Bull, London England. Psycho will forever be a classic. And I definitely think people can still get a shock and enjoy it today. I am only 20, yet I am a huge Hitchcock fan and this is definitely one of his best.

Every horror film after this owes him a great debt. Hana Wilson, Liverpool. I was 10 when Psycho was released. I still think about the shower scene whenever I shower.

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Jaws use of music was also masterful. I have a niece who plugs her ears every time anyone hums the "shark music". I didn't pick up on how sexy Psycho was until I became an adult. Hitchcock was a genius.

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Psycho pushed every envelope and started a revolution in cinema. I, however, cannot watch the current slasher movies.

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The violence is too graphic. I prefer the style of the masters. Cheryl Seelbach, Columbus, OH. The composer Bernard Herrmann said that Hitchcock originally didn't want any music in Psycho at all. Herrmann had a score in mind, and so he invited Hitch to a viewing of the shower scene. First they ran it silent; then they ran it with Herrmann's score - after which Hitchcock was sold!

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Robert Day, Coventry, UK. Pyscho is an incredibly tame film. It does not shock, and looks rather tame now.

Far more grounding-breaking and worthy of these accolades is the "Exorcist". Maxwell Allen, London. Book Description Oldcastle Books. Condition: New. Seller Inventory NEW More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Oldcastle Books, Expanded edition. Ships with Tracking Number!

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